What You Can Expect During Menopause

Menopause is the time that begins 12 months after a woman has her last period. It can last for anywhere from 7 to 14 years and comes with a variety of signs and symptoms. If you have questions about menopause in San Dimas, CA, Dr. Richard Williams of Williams Ob/Gyn & Associates can provide the answers you need.

For many women, symptoms of menopause begin in what is known as perimenopause. This is the time before actual menopause occurs. You may notice you gain weight even though you are not eating more. You may have hot flashes and feel tired all the time. Sleeping becomes difficult, and your moods may be very up and down. This can happen to women in their forties and fifties. A lot depends on your family history, ethnicity, race, and other lifestyle factors. Your doctor may decide to test your blood to see what hormones you are still producing to help determine where you are in the process of menopause in San Dimas, CA. If you have a hysterectomy, you will immediately go into menopause.

Menopause Signs and Symptoms

Irregular periods

The first sign you may have that you are heading towards menopause is periods that are no longer regular. They may be very heavy, they may last for too long, you may skip months, and you may spot between periods. During all these irregularities, you can still be fertile, so be sure to take the necessary steps if you don't want to get pregnant.

Hot flashes

Hot flashes can be very disruptive to both your life and your sleep. You may have a flushed face or a flushed body. You can feel the heat rising up your body and the need to strip off a couple of layers of clothing can be overwhelming. They can last from seconds to minutes. You may be able to identify some triggers but the NIH offers some suggestions that may help you survive these episodes.

Vaginal health

You may notice that your vagina seems drier during and after menopause. It may lead to painful intercourse. If you are experiencing this symptom, discuss it with your GYN. There are optional treatments that can help with this issue. 


When you are in menopause, your hormone levels decrease. This can lead to a decrease in bone mass quite rapidly for a few years. Getting tested for osteoporosis is vital at this stage of life. Exercise and a healthy diet can help slow down the process.

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