InvoCell is a low cost IVF

The INVOcell is a small device, made of plastic permeable to gases. Eggs are retrieved from the female patient, mixed with sperm in the laboratory for a few minutes, and loaded into culture media in the INVOcell device. The device is them placed into the vagina. Because the plastic is permeable to gases and the gas mixture and temperature at the top of the vagina is like the gas mixture and temperature inside the fallopian tube, the conditions in which the eggs, sperm and embryos are developing are like the conditions in the IVF laboratory.

After five days, the device is removed from the vagina and the embryos are removed from the device. The best quality embryo or embryos are transferred into the patient’s uterus and any additional high quality embryos are frozen for future use. Not all Patients are a candidate for this Invocell, please schedule an IVF Consult with Dr. Williams to find out more.


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