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By Williams Ob/Gyn & Associates
November 24, 2020
Category: OBGYN Care

Are you facing an OB/GYN procedure and want it to be as comfortable as possible? Do you want a short, complete recovery so you return to your family and your job? At Williams OB/GYN & Associates in San Dimas, CA, Dr. Richard Anthony Williams offers minimally invasive surgeries to treat and heal quickly and to minimize your downtime. Here's more.

Minimally-invasive surgeries

Also called MIS, minimally-invasive surgeries are so advanced they barely resemble their older counterparts. With these innovative techniques, incisions are small, sutures fewer, anesthesia shorter and your recovery time rapid. Pain management is easier, too.

Take, for instance, a hysterectomy, or removal of the uterus because of cancer, malformation, or another issue. In the past, this surgery required days of in-hospital care because of a large incision and the need for wound care and pain management.

Conversely, today's hysterectomy may be performed by Dr. Williams as a same-day procedure using a thin hysteroscope, a lighted tube advanced through the abdomen or cervix to completely remove the uterus, control bleeding, and suture surgical wounds. While not all cases qualify for MIS, many hysterectomy patients can enjoy a short hospital stay and rapid return to their usual activities which a same-day procedure affords.

Conditions treated by MIS

These surgeries are very versatile and cover a wide range of OB/GYN problems, including:

  • Biopsy for uterine and ovarian cancers
  • Uterine bleeding (ablation)
  • Abdominal adhesions, scar tissue, malformations of the uterus
  • Endometriosis, an overgrowth of the uterine lining
  • Ectopic pregnancy, a conception which occurs in a fallopian tube
  • Fibroids (myomectomy)
  • Ovarian cysts
  • Bladder Support for stress incontinence
  • Repositioning of a tipped, or retroverted, uterus

MIS is a real help

In San Dimas and across the United States, the numbers of ambulatory, or same-day, surgeries have increased dramatically since the 1980s. The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) says minimally-invasive techniques have led to this rise.

Just ask us

At Williams OB/GYN & Associates, we deliver the best healthcare in a compassionate, confidential setting. If you are interested in exploring minimally-invasive surgeries, please contact our San Dimas, CA, office for more information.

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